James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper Original Soundtrack
Front Cover

Composed by:

Isaias Garcia

Produced by:

Isaias Garcia

Distributed by:

K.G. Studios




January TBA, 2011





The Original Soundtrack for Curse of the Gatekeeper is the soundtrack accompanying the release of the second film in the James Potter series, "James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper." This will be the first soundtrack produced for the film series. The soundtrack features music composed by Isaias Garcia. Kellen Gibbs stated that, "Isaias' main goal in creating this soundtrack is to enhance the emotions of the characters in the film and to make the audience connect with what is being portrayed in each scene. He even goes so far as to use a 60 piece orchestra in some parts of the soundtrack," when speaking about the album.

Tracklist Edit

  1. ‎The Adventure Continues
  2. Endings and Beginnings
  3. The Bloodline
  4. Loss of a Loved One
  5. Trouble-making on the Platform
  6. Malfoy and the Borley
  7. Tests of Trust
  8. Time for a Little Adventure
  9. Trial of the Golden Chord
  10. Amsera Certh
  11. Albus and the Broom
  12. The King of Cats
  13. The Triumvirate
  14. The Lady of the Lake
  15. A Brother's Loyalty
  16. A Magical Love
  17. The Curse of the Gatekeeper
  18. Play Practice
  19. Unexpected Confrontations
  20. A Dark Omen
  21. Merlin's True Past
  22. Escaping from the Past
  23. Revealing the Essence
  24. Lily's Gone
  25. A False Lead
  26. The Sacrifice
  27. Finding the Truth
  28. Struggle for Right and Wrong
  29. Like Potter, Like Son

Distribution Edit

Kellen Gibbs posted the following upon the facebook page for the film series: "While the full album will be available for purchase, you can listen to the demo for the soundtrack here ( and subscribe to the account for more sneak peeks. Keep checking our facebook page for more details on the release of this extraordinary soundtrack."


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